Midcity Plumbing Terms & Conditions
1)Midcity Plumbing will not be responsible for the following matters:

A. Repair or replacement of any drywall
B. Issues with continued sewer clogs where the customer doesn't have proper cleanout access or camera hasn't been used to find the source of the problem.
C. Pump failure due to excessive debris, feminine products, wipes, toys, etc.
D. Burst or frozen water pipes that have been previously repaired, but the owner did not take proper precautions to protect piping.
E. Payment for services shall be paid in full after the completion of the job.
F. Payment shall be made by cash or by check. Credit cards will be subject to a processing fee of the transaction value at the time the job is completed.
G. Client agrees that he/she will not hold Midcity Plumbing responsible for any damage caused by manufacturing defects in any parts, but will warranty said part for 1 year. Client understands that Midcity Plumbing does not manufacture the parts used in its repairs or service.
H. Not liable for any drain rodding on existing piping which may leak due to poor condition or previous improper installation.
I. We will not warranty labor on a customer supplied part that we didn't purchase which may have been damaged or defective.
J.We will not be liable for any leaks that may occur during an RPZ test. Customers will have to pay for the necessary repair.
K.In the event of litigation, the losing party shall pay the reasonable attorney fees and costs of the other party. Any return checks, either from non-sufficient funds, closed accounts, or stop payment, will be charged a $100 fee, as well as any other legal redress available to Midcity Plumbing.
L. An interest of 1-½% per month shall be charged for all balances 60 days or more past due.
M. We are not responsible for circuit breakers or control panels for prior defective electrical circuitry.


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